Versatile hunting dogs for hunting what’s in season.

We are a small kennel in Fairbanks, Alaska.   Our kennel name reflects our location in the heart of the Boreal Forest under the glow of the Aurora Borealis (vom Borealen = from the boreal or north).  Our goal is to produce healthy hunting dogs that are a joy to have in the home.  We have chosen to be members of the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar- Group North America (VDD-GNA) because the breed club has a great testing system and a network of breeders committed to improving the health of the breed.  Our Drahthaars hunt upland birds and small game, waterfowl, and we take them along on big game and predator hunting trips too in case we need some help tracking wounded game.  Our Drahthaars also like to sit on the couch by the wood stove and ride along to work in case we get a chance to let them out to exercise at lunch.  We produce approximately one litter a year and are committed to supporting the training efforts of puppy owners.

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